Shiitake (Lentinus edodes)

Shiitake mushrooms (pronounced Shee ta’ kay) are native to China, Japan, and Korea and have been grown on logs for at least a thousand years. The earliest recorded cultivation was in the Sund Dynasty (960-1127 AD) Today Shiitake are the best mushroom for beginners to grow. The mycelium can clearly be seen growing and maturing on the cut ends of logs and mature Shiitake logs fruits readily when soaking in cold water.

Shiitake translates to Oak Mushrooms but Shiitake grows happily on a wide variety of hardwood logs and sawdust.

We have 15 strains of Shiitake but unless requested would recommend you try Adam, an all-round ‘wide range strain’ which I have trialled on a variety of log types throughout the UK for nearly 20 years

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