Our Products

To celebrate 20 years in business we built our new spawn lab improving our high tech. facilities with larger HEPA filtration areas, autoclaves, growing rooms and most importantly strain storage facilities for over 100 isolates in our culture bank. All our products are produced in these facilities. The spawn is supplied in breathable sealed polypropylene bags insuring freshness and preventing contamination. Your products have tractability and we guarantee peak viability at dispatch with “best before” dates and storage instructions to ensure extended shelf life on delivery. If stored in the fridge it will reduce the growth rate until you are ready to use it.

Spawn or Spores

Fungi grow on a wide variety of material, they are the worlds recycles. The two main groups are the higher and lower fungi. Both produce spores but the higher fungi develop fruiting bodies or mushrooms which reproduce by releasing spores from gills. Mushrooms naturally spread this way however fungi developing from spores are genetically different for the ‘parent’ mushrooms. This could result in detrimental variations in size, colour or yield.

At Ann Miller’s Specialty Mushrooms we do not sell Spores but Spawn or Mycelium which is the vegetative part of the fungi consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae of our specially selected and tested strains

All the mushroom are either edible or woody which can be dried and made into health giving teas. They are all Saprophytic, they only grow on dead woody material unlike Honey fungus which is Parasitic and will kill other plants and trees in the garden.